What's it like to build high-growth, scalable businesses in your region?

We’re publishing a real-time index that shows how well your area is doing when it comes to supporting entrepreneurs.

What if business, government, and academic leaders in your region were on the same page as entrepreneurs trying to start new businesses? How would your region’s economic development strategy change if decision-makers knew exactly what gaps to fill when it came to resource allocation, workforce training, and programming for entrepreneurs?

We’re publishing a real-time index that will help key decision-makers understand how well your area is doing when it comes to supporting entrepreneurs. You can have an impact, help us to understand what it’s like to be an entrepreneur in your region by participating in this survey.


The RMR Index shows how well your region scores in five critical areas: Idea Generation, Start Up Competency, Execution Capacity, Capital Access and Formation, and Community Sustainment.

A Reality Check for the Business Community

Rate My Region is a diagnostic tool for the people and institutions that build and support startups:

  • Economic development agencies
  • Entrepreneur support programs
  • Local government officials
  • Current and future business owners

We collect and visualize entrepreneurship data from the business community. Our goal is to make this data as transparent and easy to understand as possible. One way we do this is via the RMR Index, an easy to interpret data visualization that helps decision makers immediately identify gaps in support services and other critical resources.

Rate My Region allows business, government, and community leaders to address the true needs of entrepreneurship ecosystems, instead of relying on hunches and hearsay. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, or someone who supports entrepreneurs, we want to hear your voice.

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About Us

Rate My Region is a project of the ODU Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship. ODU-IIE serves as a business-friendly entry point through which local startups, businesses, and organizations can engage the intellectual capital, world-class infrastructure, and cutting-edge technologies of ODU.